LG Electronics Bringing New Solar Modules To The U.S.


LG Electronics has released its high-efficiency Mono X and Multi X solar modules, which are 8.3% and 4.3% more efficient, respectively, than conventional models, the company says.

The Mono X 60-cell modules feature the highest energy efficiency among all LG panels in its class, the company says, noting that the efficiency is based on LG's proprietary selective emitter technology, fine-line electrodes and surface passivation technology. The product is available in 245 W, 250 W, 255 W and 260 W models.

The Multi X, rated at 225 W, 230W, 235 W and 240 W, features a night-blue cell color and piano-black frame that ‘adds a stylish finish to the Multi X's overall elegant design,’ LG says.

Both of the products were developed through LG's solar module test lab, which is fully certified by both Underwriters Laboratory and the TUV. The Mono X and Multi X also carry a 25-year guarantee, LG adds.

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