Lightstar Rolling Out Unique Agrivoltaics Initiative in Detroit


Lightstar and the City of Detroit are launching a solar initiative that combines urban agriculture and renewable energy.

The Locally-Sited Utility-Scale Solar program is a multi-phase endeavor aimed at intertwining the growth of solar energy infrastructure with sustainable agricultural development in partnership with Detroit’s communities. Phase I of the project is set to bring solar installations to two community-centered sites – State Fair and Gratiot-Findlay – boasting a combined potential of approximately 1 0MW of generation capacity.

With successive phases looking to expand this fusion of technology and agriculture further, Lightstar and City leaders are laying the groundwork for a future where Detroit leads the charge in urban sustainability.

Potential crops such as lettuce, kale, carrots and a variety of berries are anticipated to thrive alongside solar panels, illustrating a balance between energy production and urban farming. Lightstar is actively seeking urban farming partners that can provide fresh, local and sustainably farmed produce and livestock products to the people of Detroit.

“This project is not just about generating renewable energy; it’s about cultivating hope, fostering resilience, and sowing the seeds of a sustainable future for all Detroit residents,” says Lightstar’s Brianna Fiorillo. “Through a partnership with American Farmland Trust (AFT) and Michigan State University Agricultural Extension, Lightstar intends to use the data gathered from this project to inform and inspire similar initiatives nationwide, blazing a trail for the integration of agrivoltaics across the country.”

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