LIMO Develops Diode Laser System


Germany-based LIMO has introduced LIMO120-F400-SL808-103, a diode laser system that generates photoluminescence and thermographic signals by asymmetric homogeneous illumination of the solar cell. The product is designed for fast in-line solar cell inspection.

The 120 W fiber-coupled industrial laser system is combined with a processing head from the company's IOS00019x-series. This device generates a homogeneously illuminated field under a 35-degree angle of incident that fits to solar cell sizes of up to 210 mm x 210 mm. The center wavelength of 790 nm – 808 nm is essential for the separation of excitation source and signal light, the company notes. In addition, small bandwidth versions (< 1 nm) are available as an option.

Solar cell inspection tools based on the LIMO laser source operate with a single light source – compared to other inspection tools, which use two light sources. This method makes the tools more compact and reduces materials as well as assembly costs, according to LIMO.

LIMO: 49 231222410


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