LIPA Reduces Solar Rebates


The Long Island Power Authority (LIPA) in New York has announced changes to its Solar Pioneer Program, including reducing the rebate level to $1.75/W. All of the changes were made in consultation with the Long Island Solar Industry Association, LIPA notes.

The revised version of the Solar Pioneer Program will feature two 500 kW blocks. The first block went into effect Aug. 16, and all applications submitted after this date are being priced at $1.75/watt. Once the 500 kW block is used up, no future applications will be approved.

On Oct. 1, an additional 500 kW block will be made available for the program at $1.75/watt. Once this block is used up, no future applications will be approved, LIPA says.

LIPA explains that, although it has increased its investment in its solar programs, the declining cost of installation, unprecedented demand for solar systems and continued federal, state and local tax incentives allow the utility to ‘adjust its rebate structure to keep it in line with the ever-changing solar market.’

SOURCE: Long Island Power Authority

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