Littelfuse Introduces New Solar Fuse, Fuseholder


Littelfuse Inc. has released the SPFR Series 1000 VDC Solar Fuse and the associated SPFRHD Series 1000 VDC Solar Fuseholder. The two new products expand on the recently introduced SPF Solar Series and deliver a broad-range protection to meet the higher amperage and voltage requirements of a number of PV applications, according to the company.

Because solar requirements continue to evolve as the segment grows, the SPFR Series 1000 VDC Solar Fuse is offered in four different ampere ratings – 250, 300, 350 and 400 amperes. A key advantage of the SPFR Series 1000 VCD Solar Fuse is its standardized case size, which meets UL Class H dimensions, the company says. The fuse also meets European system and North American utility-scale requirements, and its RoHS compliance minimizes environmental impact.

In addition, Littelfuse has unveiled the lug-termination SPFRHD Series 1000 VDC Solar Fuseholder, which accepts the SPFR 1000 VDC Series Fuse. Both the fuse and fuseholder are UL-Recognized to 1000 V.

Littelfuse: (773) 628-1000

SOURCE: Littelfuse

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