Locus Energy Launches LGate Meter For Commercial PV System Monitoring


Locus Energy has introduced the LGate 310, a digital smart meter for monitoring light commercial solar photovoltaic installations. The power meter and data logger remotely monitor and maintain PV systems.

Together with the Web-based Locus Platform, which provides an overview dashboard as well as patented analytics, the LGate 310 enables solar fleet operators to efficiently gather data for troubleshooting, asset optimization and performance guarantee/billing functions, the company says.

Until recently, commercial solar PV monitoring required custom integrated data acquisition hardware. The LGate 310 provides a more standardized approach for revenue-grade Web-based monitoring of light commercial systems, according to Locus Energy.

The LGate 310 features an Itron Sentinel three-phase revenue-grade socket meter, inverter-direct communication and fault detection supported for leading single-phase and select three-phase inverters, communication capabilities via Ethernet or cellular networks, and plug-and-play connectivity with remote firmware upgrades.

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