Locus Energy Monitors More Than 2 GW Of U.S. Solar Capacity


Locus Energy, a New Jersey-based performance monitoring and data analytics platform provider for the solar photovoltaic (PV) market in the residential, commercial and utility sectors, says its solar monitoring fleet has surpassed 2 GW of solar capacity in the U.S.

Since 2014, Locus has added more than 900 MW of monitored solar capacity, which is an increase of 88%. The company added more than 25,000 monitored sites in the past year – an increase of 39% since 2014 – bringing its total to more than 91,500 sites.

“Over the past few years, solar PV monitoring has matured as both a technology and an industry. Locus Energy surpassing such a large capacity milestone speaks to the ever-increasing importance of solar monitoring and analytics in today’s energy landscape,” says Michael Herzig, CEO of Locus Energy. “As the solar industry continues to grow and develop, a deep understanding of performance will be increasingly important, and we are looking forward to growing with it.”

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