Locus Energy Unveils New Cellular Meters/Data-Loggers For Solar Monitoring


Locus Energy has unveiled the LGate 120 and 320 smart meters designed to allow solar installers and asset managers to more easily collect, monitor and analyze performance data from both residential and light commercial solar photovoltaic systems. The new systems work with Locus Energy's Web-based SolarOS monitoring platform to gather data for troubleshooting, asset optimization and performance guarantee/billing functions.

The LGate 120 and 320 both have an ANSI C12.20 class 20 revenue-grade power-meter (form 2S single-phase for the 120, and form 16S polyphase for the 320) with an integrated 3G GSM cellular modem and Ethernet connectivity. The systems collect data sets of kWh, kW, amperage, voltage, power factor and frequency in five-minute increments. Both include options for an embedded Zigbee radio.

The LGate 120 and 320 will be available early in the fourth quarter of this year.

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