Lorex Industries Introduces Dopant Mixing System


Lorex Industries has introduced its Dopant Mixing System (DMS), which better fulfills the needs of silicon and compound semiconductor manufacturing for improved doping process control.

The DMS allows users to mix dopants from a 1% to 10% premix bottle down to a selectable 50 ppm to 200 ppm level, at the point of use, greatly reducing bottle changes by as much as a factor of 100 and increasing dopant concentration control accuracy by a factor of five, the company says.

Starting with a dopant pre-mix in the 1% to 10% concentration range, the DMS uses the concentration measurement and control capability of Lorex' Piezocon sensor to adjust and control the dilution of the premix down to lower concentrations, making the process immune to cylinder-to-cylinder shifts in inlet concentration or to drifts in concentration over the life of the cylinder.

Lorex says the DMS reduces the frequency of pre-mix tank exchanges and virtually eliminates tool re-qualification, providing lower production costs and higher throughput.

Lorex Industries: (209) 588-1384

SOURCE: Lorex Industries

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