LTi REEnergy Adds Ampt Technology To Solar PV Inverters


LTi REEnergy, a supplier of solar PV inverters, says it has launched new inverters that feature Ampt technology.

By deploying LTi REEnergy PVmaster Station PVMSC 800-1000 inverters operating in Ampt mode, system integrators can now achieve an inverter cost reduction of up to 40% for the same power level, according to the company. LTi REEnergy's inverters are optimized to operate in Ampt Mode at a higher and narrower voltage range when deployed in conjunction with Ampt's module-level DC converters.

These inverters also include maximum power point tracking on each PV module, the company adds. LTi REEnergy's new inverter products enabled with Ampt Mode will be available to support programs beginning in the fourth quarter.

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