LumaSense Technologies Announces MikroSHOT Thermal Imaging Camera


LumaSense Technologies, a provider of infrared thermography and non-contact temperature and gas-sensing solutions, has introduced its new Mikron MikroSHOT thermal imaging camera. The MikroSHOT is the latest offering from LumaSense Technologies' Mikron Infrared thermal imaging product line. This fully radiometric thermal imager allows for affordable pocket-sized portability with capabilities normally found in larger, more expensive thermal imagers, the company says.

The MikroSHOT's Thermal-on-Visible mode allows for radiometric temperature data to be displayed directly on the visible image. The pocket-sized MikroSHOT is lightweight (10.5 ounces) and uses off-the-shelf batteries (AC adapter also included). Its large 2.7-inch display and 160-pixel x 120-pixel image resolution allow easy viewing of images.Â

The MikroSHOT has the key features and versatility to fit a wide variety of applications including measuring range of -4 degrees F to 662 degrees F (-20 degrees C to 350 degrees C), operating temperature range of 5 degrees F to 122 degrees F (-15 degrees C to 50 degrees C), color alarm and autofocus at distances 1.4 yards (1.3m) to infinity. The SD card, USB and video output capability allow for convenient, quick analysis of the JPEG-format data on a laptop or other mobile device using common software. MikroSpec 4.0 software is included for image analysis and reporting.

LumaSense Technologies: (408) 235-3813

SOURCE: LumaSense Technologies

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