Lumos Solar Develops PowerPort Solar Carport


Lumos Solar has introduced the PowerPort Solar Carport – a freestanding, two-car carport that integrates bifacial solar panels manufactured by Sanyo into its structure. The technology is Lumos' latest offering from its Solarscapes product line.

The PowerPort Solar Carport is designed to be a turnkey system that can be delivered virtually anywhere and takes only one day to install, the company says. The 3.42 kW structure not only provides shade and shelter for vehicles, but also generates enough electricity to offset a modest household's electrical needs or the recharging of two electric vehicles.

‘The PowerPort Solar Carport is an easy, attractive and functional way to maximize an investment in a solar energy system for a home or business,’ comments Scott Franklin, president of Lumos.

Lumos Solar: (303) 449-2394

SOURCE: Lumos Solar

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