Lumos Solar Launches Frameless Photovoltaic Module System


Lumos Solar, based in Boulder, Colo., has introduced the LSX Module System. According to the company, this is the industry's first frameless solar module system with plug-and-play racking and wiring.

LSX modules are available in three different color options that better suit contemporary home design and give discerning buyers and utility integrators a choice in the appearance of their system, Lumos Solar explains. The frameless module design further improves on the appearance of a clean energy system by giving a solar array a glassy, seamless look, more like a skylight or tinted window, rather than the industrial appearance of standard, aluminum-framed solar modules.

Traditional solar arrays use aluminum-framed modules from one manufacturer, mounting clamps and racking from a second and wiring from a third, and installation requires cutting and splicing wires and time-consuming alignment of the different elements, according to Lumos Solar. In contrast, LSX is a single, streamlined product with a low-profile frameless module, plug-in wiring connections and a rack optimized with indexed mounting for fast and accurate module-to-rack connection, the company says.

SOURCE: Lumos Solar

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