MACtac Introduces Solar Manufacturing Adhesives Line


MACtac Specialty Products, based in Stow, Ohio, has introduced a new line of pressure-sensitive adhesive solutions designed specifically for solar cell assembly applications. The line includes five primary solar assembly products, along with additional adhesive products to address related needs for solar cell manufacturing.

The company says these products will enable manufacturers to use pressure-sensitive adhesives in the assembly of concentrating, flat and flexible solar applications, such as concentrating and flexible applications that are subject to high-ranging temperatures and environmental conditions, like withstanding dry desert heat or extreme cold.

The adhesives can also be used for securing slanted, concentrated solar energy mirrors in place to heat water or direct light toward one source; flat solar energy for rooftop applications; and flexible solar energy for remote locations, transportability and charging small appliances such as cell phones and travel lights.

MACtac: (800) 328-2619


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