Macy’s To Install Solar Power In 26 California Stores


In partnership with SunPower Corporation, a Silicon Valley-based manufacturer of solar cells, solar panels and solar systems, Macy's will install solar power systems and significantly reduce energy consumption in 26 stores throughout California.

According to SunPower, for 15 of the 26 stores, Macy's will purchase solar-generated electricity under the SunPower Access program. This solar services agreement allows the retailer to purchase just the electricity generated at its stores – not the solar power systems themselves – from a third-party financier. At the end of a 10-year term, Macy's will have the option to renew the agreement, transfer the equipment to a new site, or buy the system.

Macy's will buy solar power systems for the remaining 11 stores through an outright system purchase.

‘The move to solar shows Macy's commitment to using cleaner technologies, and in doing so we will reduce energy demand,’ says Tom Cole, Macy's Inc. vice chair. ‘We are proud to join the fight against greenhouse gas emissions in California because we believe a successful business is dependent on a healthy environment.’

The use of solar power combined with energy efficiency measures will allow Macy's to achieve an estimated 40% reduction in utility-provided energy, almost doubling the impact of the solar power alone, SunPower adds. Energy efficiency upgrades will include high-efficiency lighting, as well as HVAC systems and energy management systems.

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