Madico Introduces New PV Backsheet Products


Madico Inc., a manufacturer of photovoltaic backsheet products, has launched three new backsheets, as well as a new ‘smart sheeter.’

The company's expanded portfolio now includes three new backsheet families: Hytek, Reflekt and Opteka. All of the products represent enhancements to Madico's Protekt fluoro-coating technology and further extend the weatherability advantages of the line, the company says. In anticipation of third-party regulation changes, Madico offers each new product in a higher RTI version called Prime.

Hytek products feature a fluoro-coated material, offering long-term backsheet performance, the company says. Reflekt products utilize the fluoro-layer advancements of Hytek, as well as new process technology to eliminate an adhesive layer and improve the backsheet's overall contribution to the module's power output

Opteka products also utilize the fluoro-layer advancements of Hytek and are formulated to be transparent and maximize the performance of bi-facial and building-integrated module designs.

In addition, the company's new high-speed ‘smart sheeter’ is designed to improve sheeting output to 30 sheets per minute while offering enhanced quality control with in-line quality detection and resolution. The process advancement offers shorter lead time, reduced wastes and lower shipping costs, according to Madico.

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