Magna-Power Electronics Releases New Solar Simulation Software


Magna-Power Electronics, a provider of programmable DC power supplies, has unveiled version 2.0 of its solar array simulation software, Photovoltaic Power Profile Emulation (PPPE).

The PPPE software enables any Magna-Power Electronics power supply from 2 kW to 1,000 kW-plus to emulate the power profile characteristics of a solar array and vary these characteristics over time as a function of temperature and sunlight, the company explains.

The new version expands upon the software package first released in January 2010. For this release, Magna-Power Electronics says it worked closely with many commercial inverter manufacturers to add new features and improvements to the software. Among these improvements, the software incorporates new photovoltaic modeling in accordance with the EN50530 standard.

In addition, a new live output viewer provides six graphs of instantaneous output parameters versus time, and an interpolation function was added to automatically generate transitional curves. This functionality enables smooth transitions from one curve to another over a user-defined period of time, the company says.

Customizable data logging functionality was also added, allowing for report generation and data analysis using external tools.

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