Magnolia Solar Completes First Phase Of Patent Filings


Magnolia Solar Corp. says its wholly owned subsidiary, Magnolia Solar Inc., has completed the first phase of its intellectual property protection initiative. Over the past year, Magnolia has filed a series of U.S. utility patent and international Patent Cooperation Treaty applications. This initial series of patent applications claims the benefit of an earlier provisional application filed by Magnolia Solar in January 2010, the company explains.

‘The technologies related to these patent filings address the fundamental performance limitations in existing thin-film solar cells,’ says Roger E. Welser, Magnolia's chief technical officer. ‘The engineering employed in our patent-pending technology is designed to increase the photovoltaic operating voltage while capturing a larger part of the solar spectrum, and the unique nanostructure-based optical coatings minimize reflection losses, which enhances the light trapping within the photovoltaic devices.’

SOURCE: Magnolia Solar

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