Major Utilities’ Plans Include Large Complement of New Solar


PPL Corp. subsidiaries Louisville Gas and Electric Company (LG&E) and Kentucky Utilities Company (KU) have received regulatory approval to retire 600 MW of coal generation and more than 50 MW of peaking units by 2027 and to replace them with cleaner energy.

In its unanimous decision, the Kentucky Public Service Commission (KPSC) authorized LG&E and KU to add 240 MW of company-owned solar, secure power purchase agreements for nearly 650 MW of additional solar, construct 125 MW of battery storage, implement more than a dozen new energy efficiency programs, and build one approximately 640 MW combined-cycle natural gas plant at its Mill Creek facility.

“We appreciate the KPSC’s comprehensive review of our generation replacement plan,” says PPL President and Chief Executive Officer Vincent Sorgi. “While the KPSC did not approve our entire request, which we believe offered the best and least-cost approach for our customers, the decision will ensure we can continue to reliably meet our customers’ future energy needs, further diversify our Kentucky generation, advance a cleaner energy mix and support the state’s continued growth and economic development.”

PPL says the level of expected investment is materially consistent with the originally proposed generation replacement plan, which projected $2.1 billion of investment overall, including $1.6 billion through 2026.

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