Malibu, Linde Nippon Sanso Sign Contract For Gas Supply


Linde Nippon Sanso (LNS) has signed an exclusive contract with Malibu GmbH & Co. KG, a joint venture between E.ON and Schuco, to supply all of the gases needed to make photovoltaic modules.

The long-term contract comprises the supply of nitrogen, hydrogen, silane, nitrogen trifluoride, argon and helium. According to LNS, the turnkey installation includes a complete gas distribution network and gas-leak detection system. LNS will also provide on-site gas and chemical management services.

Additionally, Linde and Malibu have entered into a joint development program for the development of advanced gas technology to improve cell efficiency, throughput and yield. Malibu is, a major worldwide provider of building envelope systems.

Malibu will initially construct a 40 MW photovoltaic module production line in Osterweddingen, Germany, incorporating multi-layer cell technology for increased efficiency.

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