Mammoth North Solar Project Anticipates Upcoming Commercial Operations


Doral Renewables is celebrating the upcoming start of commercial operations for its 400 MW Mammoth North Solar project.

The project is the first phase of the company’s 1.3 GW Mammoth Solar complex, located in Indiana. It includes agrivoltaics operations, with 1,500 sheep serving as the project’s vegetation management, run by local farmer Billy Bope.

“Celebrating Mammoth North’s commercial operations with our community partners, elected representatives, and, of course, Secretary Rosenberg validates that rural Indiana is the best place to energize the next wave of power-hungry, job-creating businesses in America,” says Nick Cohen, president and CEO of Doral Renewables. 

“Starting with a farmer and one field near a discovered pile of woolly mammoth bones, the project quickly morphed into 75 farm fields representing hundreds of people. With animals and new food crops, the project is bringing back heritage farming and preserving the farms for future generations. And, every county resident gets the benefit of millions of dollars in our tax and economic payments.”

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