Manz Automation Introduces New Line For Contact Application


Manz Automation AG has unveiled a new line for the contact-free application of metallic front contacts to crystalline solar cells.

This method is possible thanks to the M³D aerosol spray process provided by Optomec, a strategic alliance partner. According to Manz, the new process allows for the production of thinner solar cells that are also more effective than earlier products and allow for substantially lower production costs. The company is currently the only provider on the market that provides lines for contact-free metallization for mass production.

Additionally, in the thin-film sector, Manz has premiered a new line for wet-chemical glass cleaning. The lines represents the successful transfer of tried-and-trusted cleaning technology expertise from the LCD market to the photovoltaic sector. The new machines will be produced by its subsidiary Intech Machines Co. Ltd. in Taiwan.

Manz Automation: +49 (0) 7121 9000-0

SOURCE: Manz Automation

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