Manz Introduces New Solar Cell Vacuum-Coating System


Manz AG has entered the market for vacuum-coating systems used in the production of crystalline solar cells with a new fully automated system for front-side and back-side coating.

The VCS 1200 plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition (PECVD) system coats the front and back sides of a vertically positioned silicon wafer with a throughput of up to 1,200 wafers per hour, according to the company. Passivation is achieved through PECVD. The machine can also be integrated into existing production lines.

The VCS 1200 can create optimal layer properties in silicon nitride and aluminum oxice layers, Manz says. In addition, the system cuts production costs thanks to a high-performance plasma source (patent pending), which in addition to optimal layer properties, also contributes to the high stability of the coating.

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