Manz Introduces Wet-Chemical PV Processing Tool


Manz AG has developed new equipment for wet-chemical processing of crystalline silicon solar cells. The company's new tool, IPSG CEI 4800, is designed to remove the highly doped layer from the back side and the edges of a wafer and thereby produce a chemical edge isolation.

In a second process step, the remaining phosphor silicate glass layer on the front side of the wafer that was created during the previous diffusion process step is removed, the company explains.

‘With our new wet-chemical tool, we really close the gap in the PV processing chain previously uncovered by Manz,’ says CEO Dieter Manz. ‘Integrating more and more process steps in a single tool will help our customers to drive down cost per watt.’

A newly developed soft sponge roller process concept enables faster in-line transportation speeds and ensures higher process stability, combined with gentle wafer handling, Manz adds. With additional optimization, up to 5,000 wafers per hour can be processed.

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