Marcegaglia To Receive UNI-SOLAR Thin-Film Cells From ECD

Energy Conversion Devices Inc. (ECD), a global manufacturer of thin-film solar laminates and Italian steel manufacturing company Marcegaglia have signed a multi-year supply agreement for UNI-SOLAR cells.

Under the agreement, ECD's United Solar Ovonic subsidiary will supply Marcegaglia with individual photovoltaic cells for use in integrated commercial roofing products that Marcegaglia is developing based on its metal roofing products. Marcegaglia expects to introduce the solar-integrated metal roofing products to the market in 2010.

‘Individual UNI-SOLAR cells can be easily integrated into Marcegaglia's corrugated insulated panel without any additional dimensional rework,’ says Antonio Marcegaglia, Marcegaglia's president and CEO. ‘The goal is to drive costs down and create innovative new products at the same time.’



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