MARE Commends Missouri General Assembly’s Support For Clean Energy


The Midwest Alliance for Renewable Energy (MARE) has expressed support for the Missouri General Assembly's passing of two important energy programs – the Green Power Initiative and the Net Metering and Easy Connection Act.

The Green Power Initiative requires electric companies to work toward using more renewable energy technologies, including wind, biomass and solar, the alliance says. The goal is to produce at least 11% of all retail electric sales from renewable sources by 2020. The Net Metering and Easy Connection Act requires utilities to cooperate with landowners generating their own electricity through renewable sources, such as wind and solar. In addition, the customers will receive credits from the utilities for net-metering.

‘Both of these measures make it clear that Missouri is moving forward in the realm of renewable energy,’ says Phil Wright, MARE's executive director. ‘Over time, this will lead to cleaner air, a reduced reliance on carbon-based energy sources and greater energy independence for all of us.’

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