Massachusetts DOER Working To Revise Solar Carve-Out Requirements


The Massachusetts Department of Energy Resources (DOER) says it is working to make changes to the solar carve-out requirement included as part of the commonwealth's renewable portfolio standard (RPS) program.

The DOER says it recently filed draft revised regulations to make changes to the current RPS solar carve-out program, including the adjustment to the compliance obligation formula effective for the 2013 compliance year, and to prepare a ‘queuing’ system for projects seeking qualification as Massachusetts approaches the 400 MW capacity cap.

The DOER says it will work toward promulgating these revisions in time for the anticipated Solar Clearinghouse Auction process in May and June and other activities associated with the end of the 2012 compliance year's solar renewable energy credit market and the launch of the 2013 market.

In addition, the DOER has now turned its attention to the development of a new policy that will sustain the growth of the solar market past the 400 MW cap included as part of the current program.

"The 400 MW cap of the current program was selected in 2009 to allow the market to begin its robust growth, with the understanding that policy adjustments would be prudent after this threshold, given the rapidly changing market and economic conditions," the DOER notes.

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