MassCEC Expands Solar Program To Boost Hot Water Systems


The Massachusetts Clean Energy Center (MassCEC) has increased the rebate amounts available for individual projects completed under the Commonwealth Solar Hot Water program.

Under new guidelines, home and business owners will be eligible for rebates of up to 40% of total system costs, up to $4,500 for residential systems or up to $50,000 for commercial-scale systems.

Nonprofit organizations and municipalities – which are not eligible for state and federal tax incentives – will be eligible for larger rebates. Additional funding will be available for projects that are installed alongside solar electricity systems.

Launched first as a pilot program in 2011, the Commonwealth Solar Hot Water Program offers rebates for qualifying solar hot water projects at residential, multifamily, commercial-scale, municipal and nonprofit buildings.

To find out more about MassCEC's solar hot water program, click here.

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