MECASOLAR Introduces New PV Foundation Screw


MECASOLAR, part of the OPDE Group, has developed the mecascrew, a universal foundation screw for fixed PV installations that does not require concrete. The new product is manufactured in galvanized steel under the ISO 1461 standard, providing the screw with maximum durability.

The foundation screw adapts to the needs of the terrain and the plot of land, the company says. It is compatible with all types of fixed structures for photovoltaic installations on the market, as the screw head can be customized for different structures.

MECASOLAR adds that it also offers a fastening service and the installation of the fixed structure, including conducting topographic and geotechnical studies. The mecascrew carries a 25-year warranty against corrosion for soils with pH values of six and higher and ohmic resistance at 800 ohm-cm.

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