MegaGroup Making Strides With Bifacial Monocrystalline Solar Cell


Italy-based MegaGroup says its BiSoN bifacial n-type monocrystalline solar cell has reached an efficiency of more than 21% on the front side of the cell, with a bifaciality factor of 90%. This level of efficiency was exhibited on a cell that was produced via the company's production process and not in a laboratory.

MegaGroup also notes that the new BiSoN cell is now equipped with four busbars, allowing bifacial modules to achieve higher power levels and realize reduced losses. Comprising 60 BiSoN bifacial cells, BiSoN modules reach 300 W on the front side and 270 W on the back. Considering an average back contribution of 20%, the bifacial module performs at 375 Watt equivalent.

The company adds that MegaCell production has passed the startup phase and is now operating at a production capacity of 80 MW per year.

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