Meteodyn, Steadysun Partner On Energy Production Forecasting


Meteodyn, a wind resource assessment and energy production forecast company, and Steadysun, a solar production forecast company, say they have signed a commercial and technological cooperation agreement to offer a comprehensive solution for renewable energy operators and network managers.

The partners say that for the wind and solar sectors, the issues are similar: The aim is to most closely assess production in order to efficiently use the energy produced in electrical systems. Meteodyn and Steadysun add that their software and tools have the same goal: anticipate production ups and downs to reduce uncertainty for managers and operators.

Thanks to Steadysun, Meteodyn says it will be able to complete its range of forecast services, especially in China and India, where wind forecasting is already well established.

“With this partnership, we can now provide a complete solar solution to our customers,” says Jean-Claude Houbart, CEO of Meteodyn. “Indeed, based on our experience in the development of wind energy software, we also offer a service for estimating solar resources. Steadysun allows us to complete our offer, thanks to high-quality technologies: weather forecasting models, satellite imagery, video camera and image processing on site.”

“As a specialist in solar production forecast, we noticed the advantage of offering a global solution,” adds Xavier Le Pivert, president of Steadysun.

Image courtesy of Meteodyn

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