Meyer Burger Looking to Streamline Solar Module Manufacturing


Meyer Burger Technology AG says it plans to introduce a unified product platform for its solar modules that will allow the company to build up manufacturing capacity faster and with less risk.

According to Meyer Burger, the planned products will combine the best of glass-glass and glass-backsheet modules, providing durability, bifaciality, low weight, sustainably high performance and appealing aesthetics in black, white and transparent variants.

The new product platform will enable the scalability of new manufacturing capacities and accelerate mass production; for example, it will eliminate downtime due to product changes and complex procurement logistics processes caused by product diversity. This will enable Meyer Burger to tap further potential for reducing manufacturing costs. In addition, a uniform platform will allow the company to focus its research and development.

The company says the new platform can be combined with future solar cell technologies, such as IBC-HJT and HJT-perovskite tandem, thus securing future development steps on Meyer Burger’s roadmap.

The manufacturing lines for the future Goodyear site in the United States were designed for the new product platform from the outset. Technical upgrades at the Freiberg plant are scheduled to start in the second quarter, and the ramp-up of the third module line in Freiberg will begin this summer.

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