MiaSole Installs Thin-Film FLEX Solar Modules On California Carport


MiaSole, a thin-film PV module manufacturer based in Santa Clara, Calif., recently installed its FLEX-02 solar modules on an existing carport, built by Martinez, Calif.-based Baja Construction, at the Oakley Executive RV and Boat Storage facility.

The manufacturer says this project was designed to prove the value and efficiency of its FLEX solar modules for retrofitting existing carports built with the industry standard 7.2 trapezoid corrugated metal panels without adding additional racking or reinforcing the carport steel structure.

Solar PV parking canopies offer the parking lot owner and users the following:

  • Shade for parked cars;
  • Protection from rain, hail and snow;
  • Reduced UV exposure;
  • Reduced parking lot temperatures and heat island effect; and
  • Low-cost renewable power generation.

‘The MiaSole FLEX module installation was incredibly fast,’ says Robert Hayworth, Baja Construction's CEO. ‘The peel-and-stick application was ideal for our standard light-gauge 7.2 corrugated roll-formed steel carport roof, and the completed design is not visible from the ground level. MiaSole allowed me to add solar energy generation to the carport without any changes to the structure.’

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