Michigan International Speedway Races Toward Renewables


Michigan International Speedway (MIS) is waving its green flag, having committed to match 100% of its electricity use with renewable energy.

MIS has teamed up with Consumers Energy and enrolled in the utility's Green Generation program. Close to 20,000 homes and businesses in Michigan participate in the program, contributing each month to purchase power from in-state renewable sources.

‘We're totally committed to a greener Michigan, and with the help of Consumers Energy, we know that we can show the way for our state and for racetracks across the country,’ says Roger Curtis, MIS president. ‘A half-million people watch races, take part in events and camp overnight at MIS each year. We want to make sure they – and we – are doing our part to care for the environment.’

MIS and Consumers Energy have also partnered to plant over 3,000 trees in Michigan; identify ways to cut MIS' energy usage; and look at developing wind, solar and other renewable energy at the racetrack.

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