Michigan Passes Legislation Paving Way for Clean Energy Projects


Michigan Senate Democrats have passed House Bills 5120 and 5121, the Clean Energy and Jobs Act. These bills simplify the approval process for building large-scale renewable energy projects while protecting personal property rights and public input and local oversight.

The bills work in tandem with the Senate’s Clean Energy Future legislation, Senate Bills 271, 273, and 502, which the Senate finalized later that day. Senate Majority Leader Winnie Brinks, D-Grand Rapids, and Sen. Sean McCann, D-Kalamazoo, Chair of the Senate Energy and Environment Committee, spoke in support of the legislation on the Senate floor Wednesday. 

“These bills are an essential component to pursuing and achieving a clean energy future in Michigan, diversifying our economy, supporting workers, farmers and consumers, and making Michigan a national leader on clean energy — all while enhancing personal property rights for landowners who want the freedom to decide what to do with their land while upholding public and community input and authority,” said McCann.

 “The Clean Energy Future plan sets an example for the rest of the nation on how to navigate the deeply complex realm of energy policy in a way that promotes affordability and reliability, drives job creation, and honors the role we must play in mitigating climate change,” said Brinks. “The action we took in the Senate today is a critical step in achieving our bold energy goals in a responsible way that moves Michigan forward.”

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