Micro-tec Introduces Automated Print System For Crystalline Solar Cells


Micro-tec Company Ltd. has introduced its MTSC-2636TVC automated multi-layer print system for crystalline solar cells to the North American solar cell fabrication market.

This multi-layer screen-printing technology is applicable to applications where a ‘tall’ printed line is required. A second line is printed on top of the first printed line.

The MTSC-2636TVC prints two wafers (side by side) per print cycle and is capable of producing 1,400 wafers per hour. The complete MTSC-2636TVC line includes automated loading and unloading, as well as the reduced-footprint, wicket-type drying oven. North American sales are handled through Unichem Industries of San Clemente, Calif.

Unichem: (949) 361-9999

SOURCE: Micro-tec

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