Microsemi Corp. Debuts Octet Of Solar Inverters


Microsemi Corp., based in Irvine, Calif., has introduced a new line of standard power modules for solar inverters utilizing its SP3 package. The eight new Microsemi solar inverter modules feature full bridge configurations combining low saturation Trench and Field Stop IGBT top switches with fast NPT IGBT bottom switches for unipolar switching.

According to the company, the top IGBTs operate at line frequency, while the bottom IGBTs switch at frequencies from 15 kHz to 50 kHz. Total losses are minimized, enabling maximum solar inverter efficiency. The new Microsemi power modules line includes five 600V and three 1200V models. COOLMOS devices are available in one 600V module, allowing it to operate at even higher switching frequencies with minimum conduction losses.

‘With their very low 12 mm profile and a small 40.8 mm by 73.4 mm footprint, our new power modules provide a very compact power solution for solar inverters," says Serge Bontemps, Microsemi's power modules products development director." The low inductance of the isolated SP3 package gives excellent performance at elevated switching frequencies. Solderable terminals facilitate easy mounting to a PCB.’

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