MicroTech Supplies Tech For Anti-Reflective Coating Process


MicroTech Systems says it has delivered to Natcore Technology a production-ready process station for applying the anti-reflective coating (ARC) on solar cells. The process uses Liquid Phase Deposition (LPD) technology, which was developed by Rice University, to grow coatings on silicon wafers.

LPD is an alternative to chemical vapor deposition, the company explains. LPD eliminates high thermal processing, which minimizes thermally induced ‘potato-chipping’ of wafers and, in turn, enables the creation of thinner wafers.

An important feature of the LPD station is its ability to monitor the coating process, MicroTech adds. It accurately measures the thickness of the ARC on a wafer while it is submerged in a chemical bath, as well as alters the composition and duration of the bath, if necessary.

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