Midsummer Offers Thin-Film Research Platform


Sweden-based Midsummer has launched its UNO thin-film deposition research and development platform.

Developed from the company's copper indium gallium di-selenide (CIGS) manufacturing equipment, the UNO system is intended for universities and research facilities. Midsummer says the system is appropriate for CIGS, as well as copper, zinc, tin and sulfide solar cell research.

The company says the UNO can have up to 13 sputtering cathodes and warm the substrate up to 750 degrees C (1,400 degrees F). It can load up to 300 substrates and run automatic test series, where each substrate has different parameter settings. It can also be supplemented with co-evaporation, analytical tools, database and various options.

The UNO can use both glass and stainless-steel substrates and can be equipped with additional data measurement stations.

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