Mitsubishi Electric Introduces New PV Module Series


Mitsubishi Electric & Electronics USA Inc. has released its UJ6 series of polycrystalline photovoltaic modules. The five new module sizes introduced in the U.S. (212 W, 218 W, 225 W, 230 W and 235 W) have been designed for medium- and large-scale commercial installations.

According to the company, the new series of modules uses four bus bars, increasing the output from each PV cell; expands module size, reducing the number of modules needed to build a system; incorporates a newly designed frame to withstand a load of 5,400 Pa (based on IEC static load tests); facilitates a wider variation of installation methods; utilizes a four-layer junction box based on the company's current triple-layer junction box design, improving the module's safety and reliability; and uses 100% lead-free solder, making the modules environmentally friendly.

Mitsubishi Electric & Electronics USA: (714) 220-2500

SOURCE: Mitsubishi Electric & Electronics USA Inc.

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