Mitsubishi Electric Introduces New PV Modules For Stand-Alone Systems


Mitsubishi Electric Corp. has launched four photovoltaic modules for the worldwide market. According to the company, these modules are suitable for use in stand-alone solar power generation systems in the U.S. Midwest and in regions where the local electrification infrastructure is insufficient or nonexistent, such as in remote areas of developing countries.

The new lineup of PV modules for stand-alone systems consists of models with outputs between 115 W and 130 W. Compared to the company's previous models, the new models have specifications more suitable for off-grid installation environments.

The new models are equipped with a junction box dedicated to stand-alone PV systems, taking into consideration the remote installation environments in which they are often used. The lid does not separate from the box and can stay open at a fixed angle, enabling easier cable installation.

A highly flame-retardant mica sheet has been added to the inside of the junction box lid, enhancing safety. In the rare event of a fire caused by a faulty or incorrect connection when the unit is installed, the sheet will prevent flames from spreading outside the junction box.

The modules each consist of 36 PV cells, and their operating voltages are suitable for a 12 V rechargeable battery, which is most widely used in stand-alone PV systems. Additionally, lead-free solder reduces negative impact on the environment, the company adds.

Mitsubishi Electric Corp.: (714) 220-2500

SOURCE: Mitsubishi Electric Corp.

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