Mitsubishi Introduces PV Series Intelligent Power Modules


Mitsubishi Electric Corp. has launched its new PV Series intelligent power modules, which the company says are mainly for use in residential photovoltaic inverters.

The six models, which can also be used in inverters for fuel-cell systems, each measure 90 mm by 50 mm, contributing to PV inverter miniaturization. Because inverters for residential PV systems are usually installed indoors, it is important that they be made as small as possible, the company says.

Mitsubishi Electric has prepared six models in the new PV series to suit the various types of circuits in PV inverters, such as single-output inverters, single-output inverters with one chopper and single-output inverters with two choppers. The line-up consists of four-chip, five-chip and six-chip modules, each with a choice of one of two types of current rating: 50 amperes (A) and 75A.

Shipments will begin in May through Mitsubishi Electric sales sites in the Americas, Europe, China and Korea.

Mitsubishi Electric Corp.: 81 332183279

SOURCE: Mitsubishi Electric Corp.

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