Mitsubishi Tests Saltwater Solar Module Installations


Mitsubishi Electric & Electronics USA Inc. has confirmed that its UD5 and UJ6 photovoltaic modules can be installed near saltwater. After extensive factory testing, Mitsubishi Electric found that its PV modules maintained a sufficient level of insulation from the corrosive effect of salt air and ocean-front environment to maintain the power output specifications included in its warranty.

After gathering salt deposit rates for both U.S. and Japanese coastlines and using these values to conduct accurate simulated testing, Mitsubishi Electric extended its warranty coverage for the power output of their modules in applications near the coast. During testing, although the racking and other metal balance of system components showed weathering during tests, the power output of the modules was not significantly affected by the salty air.

An increasing number of companies are now considering solar for projects near sea ports, in resort areas, on islands and in other areas within 500 meters of the ocean, the company notes.

SOURCE: Mitsubish Electric & Electronics USA

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