Miyachi Unitek Develops LW5AG Green Laser Welder For PV Apps


Miyachi Unitek has released its new LW5AG green laser welder. The company says the new 5 W laser offers increased weld speed, penetration and integration flexibility over its previous 2 W model.

The LW5AG uses a 532 nm wavelength in the visible (green) spectrum, which is better absorbed by highly reflective materials – enabling precision micro-welding of gold and copper alloys. Miyachi Unitek notes that operations such as these cannot be performed with many traditional lasers.

The non-contact welding tool offers real-time power feedback to ensure stable pulse-to-pulse energy, as well as single-phase power and air cooling, the company adds.

Miyachi Unitek: (626) 930-8560

SOURCE: Miyachi Unitek

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