Miyachi Unitek Offers LMF Series Fiber Laser Markers


Miyachi Unitek, based in Monrovia, Calif., has unveiled the LMF Series fiber laser markers. These markers are designed to provide flexibility by enabling marking/engraving of products – such as marking text, barcodes or graphics – while in motion.

Both the 10 W and 20 W versions are capable of Q-switch frequencies of 2 – 500 kHz for maximum mark quality and speed, and have all the advantages of fiber technology with additional features that enable the user to specify a tailored solution, the company says.

These features include a PC, touchscreen, stand-alone or pendant operation; intuitive and customizable marking interface; integrated rotary and XYZ motion; LAN connectivity; and an in-line camera option to view the mark and provide a non-intrusive code verification or read capability.Â

In addition to the standard marking software, a number of software options are available to integrate the marker into existing and legacy systems.

Miyachi Unitek: (626) 358-8048

SOURCE: Miyachi Unitek

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