MKS Instruments Rolls Out MultiTherm 1000


MKS Instruments Inc. has introduced the MultiTherm 1000 temperature controller, an all-in-one product for the solar manufacturing industry and other applications. According to MKS, the unit provides all the necessary means for highly uniform temperature control across multiple zones while minimizing system cost and real estate.

The controller features 16 precision sensor input channels accepting resistance thermometers and thermocouples, and provides 16 pulse-width modulation output channels. Built-in proportional-integral-derivative capabilities make the unit ideal for dynamic control applications where extreme temperature stability is required, the company explains.

The first in the MultiTherm line and latest addition to the MKS control platform family, the MultiTherm 1000 is offered with EtherCAT connectivity to provide high-speed data exchange and seamless integration into an EtherCAT network. In addition, the unit features heater diagnostics that provide an alarm for heater failure or degradation in order to reduce the chance of costly process damage.

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