MMEX Acquires Additional Acreage in Texas for Solar Development


MMEX Resources Corp., a development-stage company focusing on planned hydrogen and ultra-clean-fuel projects with carbon capture, has completed additional site acquisitions of 632 acres for its West Texas projects, bringing its total land ownership to 1,082 acres.

“We announced on February 22, 2022, that, along with Polaris Engineering, we had completed significant milestones on the technology timeline for our UltraClean Refinery project, and we have received permit approval for the project by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality on February 18, 2022,” says Jack W. Hanks, president and CEO of MMEX Resources Corp.

The acreage will enable the company to source its solar complex as well as have the space for MMEX Resources Corp.’s ultra clean fuels refinery and green hydrogen project. The company estimates it can potentially build another 97 MW DC of solar power with extra 632 acres, Hanks adds.

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