Mobius Photonics Awarded U.S. Patent For Laser Processing Technology


Mobius Photonics Inc. has been awarded U.S. Patent 7,443,903, ‘Laser Apparatus Having Multiple Synchronous Amplifiers Tied to One Master Oscillator.’

The company says the architecture offers a unique way to scale up average power for integration into high-throughput machine tools without sacrificing reliability. For customers in cost-sensitive applications, such as solar cell processing, this approach enables high throughput with competitive cost of ownership.

‘We are pleased that the U.S. Patent Office confirmed the novelty and utility of our design,’ says Dr. Laura Smoliar, CEO of Mobius Photonics. ‘This patent provides broad coverage for laser architectures utilizing a master oscillator seeding multiple parallel amplifiers and delivering multiple outputs.’

Mobius Photonics: (408) 496-1084

SOURCE: Mobius Photonics

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