Molex Develops New SolarSpec DC Connectors


Molex Inc. has expanded its range of SolarSpec products with the development of pin (male) and socket (female) panel-mount DC connectors. The IP67-sealed, SolarSpec panel-mount DC connectors, with internal locking and touch-proof design, feature a nut mechanism for simple assembly to the panel and provide a durable connection for cable attachment to solar inverters, the company says.

The contact resistance of the SolarSpec panel-mount DC connector remains below 0.5 milliohms. The contact can handle as much as 30.0 A and accommodates a range of cable sizes to meet a wide range of customer requirements, the company adds. Polarized panel cutouts help prevent rotation of the connectors and ensure no cross-assembly of male and female connectors on the panel.

Full production quantities are expected by the end of the year.

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