Molex Develops New SolarSpec PV Junction Boxes


Molex Inc. has introduced new versions of its SolarSpec junction boxes. According to the company, the products are designed to make it easy for module manufacturers to provide their products with module-embedded safety and monitoring functions, as well as convenient, safe and dependable connection facilities.

The Smart Junction Box system is based on the original two-part Molex SolarSpec junction box featuring a base attached directly to the solar PV panel and a removable cover assembly. The smart box features a series of interchangeable covers embedded with SolarEdge optimizing chipsets to provide varying levels of electronic integration.

Functionalities of the smart box will include system safety, shutoff and arc
detection, security monitoring and theft protection, performance tracking on output levels and panel efficiencies, remote diagnostics and power optimization.

The smart box will be certified to meet the relevant IEC, VDE and UL standards as a DC disconnect mechanism between a solar inverter and a PV panel, the company adds. A locking mechanism that requires a tool to release is provided to secure the top cover to the base, providing full protection against accidental contact with live parts.

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